All Borrow's Mission

In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok - can we ever really wear anything twice? Social media catches us anytime we repeat outfits, condemning us for making a fashion faux pas. Yet, with our social calendars filling with more events each year, how can we possibly keep up? Not to mention that consumer culture and fast fashion have attributed to the fashion industry’s rank as the second largest polluter, behind the oil industry.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. By renting with All Borrow, you’re carrying out all aspects of sustainable living! Not only do you solve the problem of what to wear, but you also reduce your carbon footprint, reuse clothing from our community founded on the benefits of borrowing, and recycle occasion wear outfits that normally become closet clutter. You also save tons of money in the process!

From Uber to Airbnb to Poshmark, more people than ever before are participating in the shared economy and reducing their carbon footprint by renting rather than buying. 

  • According to HuffPost, 26 billion pounds of clothing, yes you read that right-billion, end up in landfills each. Renting is the eco-friendly and sustainable solution to staying stylish. 

  • Renting also frees you from the commitment of having to make a hefty purchase each time you want to turn heads.

  • Since it’s cheaper to rent, you can experiment with your style. Try out trends without breaking the bank. 

  • Most women, according to Business Insider, only wear 20% of what’s in their closet. Why pay for something to wear it once and have it sit in your closet, taking up valuable space for years before it’s thrown out? 

  • Renting also saves you the time of having to wash the occasion piece or repair its delicate details. According to Business Insider, the average household spends $500 a year on dry cleaning. Plus if you’re a woman, a gender pricing study found that women pay 42% more for the same goods and services than men because of an unfortunate phenomena known as the pink tax. Simply send your outfit back to us and never set foot in or pay more at dry cleaners again

An outfit is never just about the outfit. An Indian outfit is incomplete without the matching jewelry, a clutch, and other accessories. Indian outfits alone can cost you between $200-$2000 depending on the style and complexity of design. Jewelry, even when made of artificial elements and not precious metals averages around $100-$300 for a complete set. And clutches usually run in around a similar price range. Total all that up and you’re in for some sticker shock with a total price tag for your Indian outfit ranging between $400-$2600. 

Renting just makes sense! A study conducted by ING Direct and Capital Banks found that the average woman pours between $1800- $4800 into clothing per year. Our high quality rental outfits also ensure that you don’t become another fast fashion victim, spending those thousands on items that while cute, are poorly constructed and ill fitting. Never repeat an outfit again, become a more conscious consumer, and stop spending so much on pieces that collect dust in your closet. Reuse, reduce, and recycle by renting with All Borrow!

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