Complexity of Indian Clothing

Renting from All Borrow is a much more affordable option than buying. On top of that, outfits rented from All Borrow reduce your carbon footprint by saving natural resources that would have gone into the production process of a brand-new outfit. Affordability and sustainability aside, why is All Borrow the right choice? You’re probably wondering why you couldn’t just rent an outfit from our competitors or buy a cheap outfit from online retailers such as Amazon? 

All Borrow makes it easy. We take the guesswork and difficulty out of ordering Indian garments. We get it, Indian clothes aren’t simple. Indian clothes aren’t sold the way American clothes are where you can just add a formal wear dress in a size 6 to your cart and you’re ready for checkout. Indian dresses are complex and almost all consist of more than one piece which can be confusing and tricky. You don’t want to be that person that didn’t know your Saree/Sari requires a petticoat and are now stuck wearing something where your undergarments are visible. And when you’re ordering a dress type you’ve never worn before, it’s understandable to be nervous that your size estimate might be wrong. 

All Borrow makes sure that you don’t run into these issues. And even if your size estimates aren’t perfect, we’ve got you covered to make sure you have the perfect fit. What sets us apart from others is our focus on you. We want you to look and feel amazing at your event and we make it easy to do just that. Here’s how:

Our items come pre-stitched with no extra work that needs to be done. This seems like a basic requirement, but don’t be fooled! Many Indian retailers send you the outfit’s fabric cut to the size you ordered but will send it completely unstitched. Unless you know how to stitch, you’ll be left scrambling last minute for a tailor who can put those loose pieces of fabric together into a wearable outfit. Our outfits come pre-stitched, ready to wear, and with no surprises. 

The main component of a Saree is just fabric wrapped around you and draped right? Wrong. Before you’re able to drape the excess across your stomach and over your shoulder, the fabric of the Saree must be pleated to create the folds that create the beautiful silhouette of the Saree. Even long-time Saree wearers struggle with pleating, so it can be intimidating to think of doing it on your own when you’re under a time crunch to get to your event. All Borrow’s Saree's come pre-pleated so you don’t even have to think about creating them on the spot.

In the case where the size you ordered wasn’t a perfect fit, don’t stress! Our items are adjustable and allow you to size up or down from the size you order to ensure a fit that snatches you in. Because the skirt of a Saree is adjustable by design, getting the correct fit for the blouse is the crucial part. Our blouses are all open tie backs that function similar to a corset, where you can adjust the size through string ties. We also offer a completely customized fit at an additional charge for anyone looking for the perfect sizing. 

One-Stop Shop
The right accessories can transform an outfit. All Borrow is with your one-stop shop where you can get everything you need for a complete look. We have a curated selection of jewelry and clutches that will elevate your look.

Comes with the fix-ins
The visible undergarments fiasco we mentioned earlier-won’t be a problem. We send you everything you need for a complete outfit, petticoat and all. On top of everything already mentioned, your one-time payment to rent an outfit from All Borrow includes shipping and return shipping. We believe in transparency and will never surprise you with hidden fees!

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